I did it again….

No “Oops”, but I did it again, not some goofy pop-song lyric, or anything like that. Last week I made a tough decision. I decided to leave the guild I joined in the spring, I wasn’t one of the founders or a “charter member” but I was there very early, back when we had to have the right 5 members on to be able to run a heroic, because there were only like 6 of us that had 80s, and only 2 that had healers or tanks basically. I watched and came along as we took our first wavering steps into Naxx as a new guild. I was there the night the GM nearly passed out trying to heal Sapp as we got our first guild kill on him because he was focusing that intensely. I was there the night we missed the Patch speed-kill achievement by 1 FREAKIN SECOND. (And I still haven’t gotten it) I was there the first night we went into Ulduar, and dropped 3 bosses, including Flame Leviathon on our very first attempt. I was there for most of our guild firsts, I was there for a whole lot of fun. I really, really enjoyed my time in that guild. Unfortunately, it basically exploded. Why? Well, there are alot of reasons probably, but pointing fingers and playing blame-games won’t solve anything. Let’s just say that in the space of about 4 days, we went from having a very functional 10-man team, to me, the raid-leader-in-training, suddenly being the raid leader, and only having one raider really. Combine that with a GM that’s seriously burnt-out on the game in general, and well, despite me trying, there really just wasn’t anything to hold together. Yeah, the guild still exists, but there were maybe 3 of us on at once at the most. And I’ll admit it, I’m a raider, not a super-hard-core raider, but I like raiding, I like running 5-mans. Unless the rules of math got changed on me again, 3<5. I couldn’t get a 5-man together in-guild again, unless exactly the right people were on. I PuGged some stuff, looked up people off my friends list, etc, and I did some stuff. But the soul of it just wasn’t there. I thought about it quite a while, I really did want to try and save the old guild, but I couldn’t do it alone, and basically everyone else had either left, or burnt out.

So, what to do now?

Option 1.

I thought about starting my own guild, and I still might someday, but I didn’t have the money for a vent channel, web hosting, etc. Plus, I’d be basically in the same boat. I’d have to build from scratch, not all that much unlike what I would have had to try where I was, except I would have been the one with a vision, blah, blah, blah…

Option 2.

I started looking around, and talking with some old friends. In the guild I had been in before, I had left on good terms, and I’m still to this day friends with the GM, an officer or 2, and a couple of long-term members. I was told (and had been when I left before) that if I ever wanted to come back, the door was open. Only one real issue though, their raids run until 11 server, which is midnight for me. Not a huge issue normally, except that I get up at about 5-5:30am every day. so I’d be looking at like 4 hrs of sleep 2 nights a week, and that just doesn’t cut it for me.

Option 3.

I’ve also maintained a friendship with an old guild-mate from that first guild. He had left to form his own guild last fall sometime, before WotLK released. I had actually done a few runs with his guild before I left my first one, and honestly, I had originally been thinking of going to that guild, instead of where I ended up. So I talked with him as well. He quite understood the situation I felt myself in, and said basically that he’d love to have me, but he didn’t want to “poach” me off the guild I was in. (Really, really short version of the story, but very simply, the GMs of both guilds are friends, and are also former guild-mates, in this case, twice-over.) In talking with this person, I found that they only run until 10 server (11 my time), and that was much more acceptable to me. One more hour of sleep can make a big difference…

And then there was option 4.

A fairly new guild that some people that I knew had joined, a bit higher on the progression scale, which would be fine with my hunter. He’s not all uber-geared, but pretty much everything he wears to raid is 217 or better, with the exception of one ring, and both trinkets. He could use a few upgrades from Ulduar 25, but I can pull a 3.4k average (overall, not boss) through the front of Ulduar 10, even when I’m the person running back to launch the harpoons on Razorscale, and such. I can hit 5k ish numbers on Koralon, pull probably about 4.5k average in VoA 25. I’m nothing exceptional, but I know how to play my toon, and be effective. So I could reasonably step into a guild running TotC 25, and not be a hinderance. I’d probably be to the lower end of the scale, but I wouldn’t be being ‘carried’. I excede their minimum WoW-heros.com score by about 200 points, so I would be able to come in as an actual contributor. Run time wasn’t really an issue with this guild either.

At this point, I also had to evaluate my goals and desires as a player. Frankly, all but one of the options would have me stepping backward as far as the content the guilds were working. BUT… I’ve also gotten somewhat bored with my hunter. I’ve discussed it in earlier posts on this blog that I might semi-abandon him, what with the impending changes in Cataclysm. Yes, I do enjoy playing him, I’m good at it. I’ve learned what to do when, and why (for the most part). I enjoy being good at things, but there comes a point where I want to be able to do something else. That to me is the shortfall of hunters. While we do bring an amazing variety of capabilities and utilities to a raid group, we will always be simply ‘ranged dps’ for the most part. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I just want something more. In the wake of the explosion of The Rosuto Samurai, I didn’t need to raid-prep my hunter, I wasn’t going on raids 3 nights a week, and I suddenly had time to devote to my prot-warrior project who had been sitting mid-70s for a couple weeks. The guild blew up on a Thursday, I hit 80 with the warrior on the following Tuesday, and I have been having an absolute blast with him. I have to suppress a giggle every time I hit the “Charge” button, I absolutely love playing the toon.

So now I’m also thinking about where is a nubish tank gonna fit in better? I don’t mind helping out where I’m needed, but I don’t want to be stuck playing my hunter all the time from now until the end of WoW as we know it. I guess it’s a minor form of burn-out, I like playing a hunter, but I’m tired of it at the moment. So after thinking long and hard about it, I finally decided to with option 3. I’m now a happy member of Legends of Whisperwind, and have happily been progressing my tank along, running a few heroics here and there, occasionally dusting off the hunter to run something if needed. I’m having alot of fun, and isn’t that was playing a game is all about?


One Response to “I did it again….”

  1. Wow Drey, I’m really glad that you felt that way about LoW. I hope ya get a bit more free time…miss hearing the swoossshh go by my ear 😉

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