And the Loot-gods do Smile

Sometimes it just works that way you know? You can run something over and over and over, and what you’re looking for never drops.

I have a friend that’s done Ony every week since she was put in, looking for the caster ring. He hasn’t seen it drop yet. I don’t know how many times I ran H-ToC trying to get the tank shoulders out of there (granted I think I only have like a dozen clears there, but still…), and they finally dropped. They dropped the first run after I plunked down a stack of Triumph badges to get an upgrade from the blue ones I had been wearing. Back when I first hit 80 with Drey, I ran reg HoL a number of times, trying to get the +def trinket, never saw it, not once, I still havn’t seen it, but I haven’t run it on reg in a while either. And now I don’t really have a use for it… I don’t know how many kills I have on Sarth between my 2 toons, but I have yet to win that damn 22-slot bag on either of them.

But I can’t whine too loudly either, I’ve had my share of good luck as well. Shortly after turning 80, and joining a new guild I was pulled through an H-ToC run (I was having issues with Paletress on regular still) by my GuildMaster (prot pally) because he wanted to see what we might get me. Well, we struck gold, Peacekeeper Blade dropped, and I’ve been wielding it ever since. Up until that point I had been using the mace from the Ragemane’s Flipper quest.

I got more drops here and there, but I ended up buying alot of my gear with emblems. Look, they’re farmable, and honestly, the gear is pretty damn good! I got a belt drop my only trip (so far) into Naxx25, and managed a shield on one of 2 trips in on 10-man. Ulduar, was a bit more reluctant to give up loot, but I got the bracers off FL25 too. I guess basically, I don’t get drops too often, but when I do it’s usually worth the wait.

So like 2 weeks ago, when we descided to go into ToC10 as a guild like we really meant it, I finally felt like I was ready. We 1-shot Beasts, and Jaraxxus, and then struggled mightily on Faction Champs. Finally, after having had enough one night, we hung up the blades, and called it. We came back a night or 2 later, and after more attempts, we were standing over the loot chest. We proceeded to 1-shot the twins, and then it was on to Anub. We got a few cracks in, but it was getting late, and more than one of us had to be at work the next morning, so again, we hung ’em up and came back later. We did manage to get him then, and we were all happy, but for me, the only loot I got from the whole run was a gun for my off-set, which I only took because the only other person in the raid who could use it already had it. In fact, no (plate) tank loot dropped in the whole run, sometimes it just happens that way.

So we went back on the next reset, and proceded to (I believe) 1-shot everything all the way to Anub. The tanky neck dropped of Jaraxxus, and it was an upgrade for me, so I rolled. I won! Cool! My first ToC loot for my tank! Woots! I happily went along the rest of the run smiling. (Best part? An upgrade that I could just swap in, no enchanting/gemming needed!) When we got Anub down and we were standing about starting loot, I got a tell from someone of “Grats”, and I was like “huh?”, they respond with “Nice shield dropped, and the other tank already has better.” Oh! Sweet, I had been wanting to upgrade my shield, and indeed, I got it, being the only person there who would use it main-spec. I made out like a bandit that night.

Fast forward another couple days, and I’m running H-Pit of Sarron.  Nothing really dropping I can use, but no matter, just learning the new run, and so forth.  We get up to the last boss (and I know he drops the nice new tanky sword, and we beat on him.  Still not sure what exactly happened, but I went down right as he did, but hey, we got the win, that’s what matters.   And lo and behold a nice shiney Rimefang’s Claw drops in the loot-pile, and guess who gets to take it home!

I don’t do runs and raids for the loot, I do it because I enjoy it.  Even as a tank, which some people find odd.  I just like tanking, something about always being at the center of the action or something I guess.  Raids I do because I enjoy the comraderie of friends, and the challenge off the content.  That’s not to say I don’t like getting shiney new purplez.  I do, but that’s not my focus.  I do like to keep upgrading my gear, but in my mind that’s a means to an end, not an end in itself.

So don’t always go into a run thinking about what you can get out off it.  I think that’s the best way to make sure that it doesn’t drop.  Instead, just go in to have a good time, have some fun with friends, and you never know when the Loot-gods will smile at you!


2 Responses to “And the Loot-gods do Smile”

  1. Tanking is definitely a mindset… you my friend have it… I wouldn’t have pegged you as a tank a couple of years ago, but having watched you from your blog, you’ve really adopted the tank mentality. Don’t get me wrong.. I love my boomkin… or my mage… I love just blasting away and the life of a ranged DPS at times…. but a tank… tanking’s in the blood… and either you have it… or you don’t.

    Grats.. and enjoy the ride man.

  2. Very well written blog Drey. I was the tank with you on Anub 😛 and I might have been the one to send you the tell with the grats (not sure memory is a bit foggy on that one now).

    Like you Drey I play for the content but I sure as hell enjoy getting an upgrade but at the same time I love seeing others get there’s aswell. As your main competition for gear when you beat me on a roll I curse myself for having crappy luck and grats you for your shinny new epic. My problem with the “loot gods” is the seem not to give tanks much lovin. For us to get the best of the best we have to see the last bosses…Naxx, Ulduar, ToC and now ICC. Yes we can get gear the whole way through most raids but were is it our weapon drops…the freakin LK! While heals and dps are able to upgrade from 251 to 264 on the first 4 bosses in ICC 25 tanks…not so much.

    Haha and don’t even get me started on how tanks got snubbed on the Battered hilt!

    and I feel your pain…been farming ICC for the 264 pally pants sence day one…got the crafted ones and still have yet to see the drop. But in the end things tend to work themselves out.

    Freakin battered hilt still bugs me /grumble

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