Why can’t I play a **** ****?

I’ve been feeling the urge to dabble with another toon. Call it a short attention span, or whatever you wish. Not that I’m in any way bored or otherwise dis-interested in my warrior, I just want something else to fiddle with. This of course leads to the inevitable pondering of what it is I want to play for this “fiddling toon”.

What I already have.

I already have a fully leveled and raid-level-geared Night Elf Hunter. I also have my Dwarf Warrior, who’s actually more well-geared than my hunter. I have a lvl 33 Draenai Pally (some version of a ret-ish spec), a lvl 22 Gnome Rogue, a lvl 16 Night Elf Druid, and a lvl 60 Night Elf Death Knight, oh, yeah, there’s also my lvl 2 Draenai Mage, but he’s just a banker/auction-monkey. That’s on my ‘main’ server, Whisperwind.

I also have a few Hoarde toons spread between Nazgrel and Thunderhorn.  I have friends that play Hoarde on both servers, and so I have a few toons on either, nothing out of the ‘teens, with the exception of a DK on Nazgrel who’s lvl 60.

So basically, I already have a ranged DPSer, and a tank/melee DPSer, thought I’m very much considering going with a second prot spec on the warrior, as I basically never use the DPS spec, or I might set up a spec specifically for PvP.

This leaves one notable role I don’t have a toon to fill. I have no healer. I also technically have no caster DPS, but I do have a ranged DPS, so close enough for my tastes, at least for now.

What I want.

I want to give healing a try. Granted, I’m a little skeptical of just how I’ll fare, as I’m very, very easily distracted by anything shiny. But regardless, I want to be able to say that I’ve given it at least a fair attempt. This takes my class choices down from 10, to 4. Paladin, Priest, Druid, and Shaman.

Those are the 4 healing-capable classes.

If you were paying attention above, you’ll notice that I already have a paladin in the 30s, and a priest and druid both in the high teens. The paladin would be the obvious choice, but after spending a lot of time on my warrior, the paladin just feels slow and plodding. Not so much in terms of leveling, but in the pace of the actual game-play.

So, what about a priest? Well, I could, I dunno, I have this bizarre aversion to clothies for some reason though. I think it goes back to my early gaming days playing D&D. I’m just not good at playing a squishy. Granted priest does appeal to me, because it’s got 2 different healing trees, one focusing more on raid heals, and the other on individual targeting heals. But I’m just not feeling it for some reason.

So, then a druid perhaps? Well, I could, but you see, I’ve promised my wife that we’ll level characters together eventually once we have 2 computers, etc, and just to make things easier, I’d like to level the same class. And she really, really likes the shape-shifting abilities of the druid, and we’ll be able to use Worgen for them once Cataclysm hits.  So a druid is out for now also.

Which leaves me with a shaman.  Shaman are kinda cool, they seem to play at a fairly quick pace, and they’re versatile as well.  There’s only one thing with a shaman.  It has to be a Draenai.  I’ve actually fiddled with a shaman a time or 2, I’ve just never gotten very far.  I think part of it is that I simply don’t care for the Draenai models much.  Yes I have 2 others already, but I just don’t like ’em that much.

It’s not the size, or the hooves, or anything like that, I’m sure of it.  My preferred Hoarde race is actually tauren, and those models are HUGE, and have hooves.  Maybe it’s got something to do with the fact that I simply HATE finding my way around the Exodar.  For whatever reason, while the place is beautiful, I can’t find a damn thing there without asking a guard, and looking at a map 3 times.

Why, Why, Why?

I know dwarves will be able to be shaman in Cataclysm.  I know that until Burning Crusade you couldn’t even play a shaman on Alliance.  I really don’t care.  If it’s going to be ok then, why not now?

I’ll grant that I’m not really up on the lore of the game at all.  I never played any of the original Warcraft titles, and I’ve mostly focused on getting up towards the end levels with the toons that I have, as that’s where all my friends have been playing.  Maybe there’s some deep, dark reason for it.  But I can’t really come up with one.  Let’s be realistic here, some race of semi-goat-like creatures from another planed crashes a spaceship into Azeroth, and somehow has a mystical connection with the elemental spirits here?  Think about it for a second, that’s kinda like the Keebler elves hiring Cookie Monster to run their shipping department!

Honestly, if they’d kept shaman as Hoarde only, and pallys Alliance only it would have been ok with me.  Then it wouldn’t irritate me so much.  I think honestly though, pallys have become such a huge factor on the tanking scene that there would be much QQing if they were still Alliance only.  I think that the shaman contibutions would be missed as well, no Heroism would make certain fights much more tricky, and a well-played shaman is an absolutely amazing healer.  I know I’m seeing things from the perspective of the way the classes play now as well, and that they’ve changed a good deal offer the life of the game, but still.

And why can only tauren and night elves be druids?  I get the whole natural/animal thing, and such, but again, if worgen and trolls will be able to in Cataclysm, why not more now?  And if draenai can be shaman, why not druids?  I know the elements and the animals are different, but sorta same church different pew IMO.

Then there’s hunters.  Can someone explain to me why a human hasn’t been able to be a hunter?  Again, I know it’s changing in the expansion, but wtf?

And perhaps the one that makes the least sense of all, blood elves can’t be warriors.  Now I understand they have a magical history/culture, and all that, but really, what is a warrior?  It’s someone who picks up a stick and beats the bad guy with it.  No hocus-pocus, not sneaky stuff, just brute force.  Why would any race in the game be excluded from this class?  I can see perhaps making some races not as suited for it, or certain races being better, as they do with the racial abilities, but just flat out ‘no warriors’ makes no sense.  We all know there’s some challenged blood elf out there in a back alley of  Silverymoon going “But I just want a sword, and a shield, and some plate.  I don’t want any ‘Judgment of…’ or ‘Seal of…’  I just want to pummel it into oblivion!

I’m sure somewhere in the deep, dark recesses of the Blizzard lore-vaults, or somewhere there has to be a justification for some of this stuff, but frankly, some of it’s just frustrating at times…


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