Changes, Changes, Changes…

It’s inevitable.  WoW is an ever-changing game.  There are simply too many people that play the game for it to remain static and still be successful.  They (meaning Blizzard) are going to change things, and I don’t just mean the content patches.  I’m talking more about the changes that they make to already existing parts of the game.

Some changes are more noticeable than others, like for example the changes to the mount system.


I didn’t start playing until mid-BC, but I remember running all the way to level 40.  I remember how excited I was to be able to get my epic land mount at 60, my basic flyer at 70, and saving, saving, and saving to get epic flight.  That was on my hunter, on my warrior, I caught the middle of the transition, getting the basic mount at 30, but I was somewhere in the middle of the flying change.  Honestly, with where the game is at this point, I like these changes a lot.  Honestly, pretty much everyone just wants to get through the older content as quickly as reasonably possible.  Being able to get from point A to point B more quickly cuts down on that time, and more importantly, reduces time where you’re basically just sitting there, holding down a key, time where you’re so to speak doing nothing other than watching the scenery go by.


XP goes faster, BoA leveling gear, all the recruit-a-friend bumps…  All of them can make leveling go much, much faster.  Again, they’re changes that sort of had to be made.  If one were a new player coming into the game, the first 68 levels of the game could be a somewhat boring, lonely place.  I do like the BoA gear also.  I can fully appreciate that Blizz wants people to follow the lore of the game a bit as they level, but realistically, those of us who have already leveled a toon (or several) really don’t care too much about it probably.  What the BoA gear does though is basically give you a switch to flip to accelerate the process.  If you want to level faster, here’s how you can, if you want to stop, smell the flowers, follow all the lore, etc, you can still do that too.

Those are among what I would consider really positive changes, however, I don’t think that all changes are for the better.  Honestly, I read today that there are more incoming nerfs on some of the 5-mans, and honestly, I think all but one of them is unnecessary.


I read a post on this morning “Upcoming Adjustments announced for Old Kingdom, Nexus, Culling of Stratholme”.  It references a blue post on the official forums, and goes over some stuff that’s reportedly in the works.


It’s not mentioned in the above post as slated to get any more changes, but we all know that Occulus has been pummeled to oblivion with the nerf bat.  I’m not honestly complaining too much about that, the last round I thought was really unnecessary, but hey, I actually got the mount in my bag o’ gems last night, so I’m not going to bitch too hard, and lets be honest.  It’s now an 8-badge run if you get it as a random, that’s why most of us are doing heroics at this point anyhow.

I really don’t understand why everyone still hates Occ as much as they do.  Yes, it used to be really bad, and if you have an incompetent group, it still is a little difficult, but it’s just not that tough any more.  I’d never just leave a group upon finding that’s where a random had landed me, though I think I only got it as a random a few times, I heard reports that some were getting it a lot.

Yes it’s a somewhat more challenging instance, that’s not a bad thing, and in particular, it’s more due to the vehicle mechanics than anything else.

Old Kingdom

Does this really need nerfed?  Yes, it can be a frustrating instance.  Why?  Because it requires that you pay attention to what you’re doing!  That’s it.  It’s tight, packs are close, and yes, you can easily agro more mobs than you intended.  It doesn’t lend itself well to the over-powered, sloppy mode of play that most of us are used to running in heroics.  Or perhaps more properly, the sloppy habits we’re teaching those who don’t have quite as over-geared toons that get to come along with us.  Have I done OK enough times that I don’t particularly care if I ever do it again?  Yeah, but I’m not scared of it or anything.  It’s just a reminder that you need to do things right.  That’s a good thing in my opinion.


Ok, the Anomalus rift things are annoying, but does it really need changed?  Really, I did the achievement with a decently geared PuG group not long ago, and it wasn’t that tough, we got it first try.  Again, I see it as a “pay attention” fight, which I don’t have a problem at all with. Again, I ask, what’s wrong with having to pay attention to the game while you’re playing it?

Culling of Stratholme

They’re working on a way to eliminate the time-consuming intro!

Finally!  How long have we all been waiting for this?  Granted I’m sure that it’ll be a while coming, as there’s quite a bit to work out as it’s more involved than the intro to ToC, but really, the damn intro, and waiting around for Arthas (I’ve taken to calling him “Pokey the Pally”) take longer than the actual fights.  I do sincerely hope though that however they do it, they have it set so that everyone has to watch it at least once.  It really is something that was entertaining to watch the first time, and there’s a TON of lore encapsulated in the events.  I don’t think that you should be able to miss that, I just sort of dislike having to sit there with a group that has Mal’Ganis kills totaling into the triple digits, or at least approaching that, and having to listen to several minutes of cinematics for the manyeth time

And finally, my blogging

Just a note to those that read this blog, my work schedule has changed recently, and I can’t post quite as regularly as I did for a while.  I do intend to keep writing.  I’m not abandoning the project, or anything like that, however, posts may be less frequent, or they may come in bunches.  Just wanted to give you all a heads up.  😀


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