Who is “Wiredude”?

What do a slightly crazy night-elf hunter with a green mohawk, a cranky, shield-wielding dwarf warrior with an orange crew-cut, and a cynical, sarcastic, yet generally good-natured construction industry worker have in common?

Well, they’re all me, or I’m all of them, or… I dunno, something like that.

So, who am I? In normal, every-day life I coordinate and maintain tools and supplies for an electrical contractor in western PA, I’ve been in that industry pretty much for the last 10+ years, and that’s how I ended up with the nickname. I’m in my early-mid 30s, happily married (my wife plays WoW also), and when I’m not either working, chilling with my wife, playing tabletop RPGs, or doing something WoW-related, I’m probably in the middle of building something, or tearing it apart.

In-game, I can usually be found on the Whisperwind server, as either Galomesh, my intrepid threat-thieving hunter, or Dreymor, my aspiring prot-warrior/tank. ‘Galo’ is my raiding toon, Dreymor is still a work in progress. I also have a variety of alts, but the only one above the mid-30s is my DK, who I’ve been using to try and earn some cash on the auction block. Sometimes if I’m in a more Hoarde mood, I’ll log in over on Nazgrel where I have a few alts as well, though my primary toon there is the DK I rolled over there, but again, he’s a work in progress also.

As far as end-game content goes, I’m a raider, though not a real “hard-core” one. I’m part of a guild that runs primarily 10-man content 3 evenings a week, though I usually only am online for 2 of those sessions. I’ll sometimes PuG into a 25-man Vault or OS run from time to time, but I haven’t ever really gotten into Naxx 25, or Uld 25 either.

Really, I’m still a learning player, I’ve only been playing the game for about 18 months and I didn’t hit 70 until like July last year, so I got a few Kara runs in, a shot or 2 at ZA, and that was pretty much it before Wrath. A lot of what I write here will probably be based on me growing in knowledge and understanding of the game, and trying to help along those who are still learning as well. I make no claim to be some great, know-it-all uber-player. I’m just some guy who plays for fun, but wants to do the best he can, and wants to help out some others while I’m at it.


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