The Things we do for Achievements

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Who would have known. Well, probably there’s some sort of psychological research data out there that Blizz used when they put the achievement system into the game, so maybe they did, but damn, the things that we can be convinced to do for an “achievement”.

So what brings this topic on?

Well, the whole Winter Veil thing starts today, and I’ve decided to go for the Violet Proto-Drake with my warrior. Seems simple enough right, most of the holidays aren’t really that hard, just a little time consuming. But there’s one minor issue. The one achievement requires you do the Ogri’La bombing-run quest on a holiday mount. No biggie right? Not for most of you vets out there, but my warrior was originally leveled as an alt, and conveniently, happened to be in Outlands during the Midsummer Flame Festival, which was the first holiday I actually decided to do on him. Actually it worked out rather well, I got like 2 1/2 levels on him running around doing the flame things, and had my Flame Warden title at like 63-64. Remember too, that was before they popped flying back to lvl 60. So anyway, I ended up basically skipping alot of Outlands between the levels I got from the festival, and having the leveling gear. I didn’t really quest in Nagrand, BeM, SMV, or Netherstorm.

So guess what, I don’t even have the Ogri’La opened up to where I can do the dailies for them.

So last night I set off to open them up. Nothing terribly difficult really, I’m a tank after all, so I manage to relatively easily solo the 5-man group quests that you have to do early in the questline. But let’s be honest, I have a short attention span, and I get bored easily. I got to the quest where you need an ass-load of Apexis Shards. I’m pluggin along collecting them when a good friend in my guild asks if anyone wants to help out on an Occulus achievement run.

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Patch 3.3: Initial impressions

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So last night was my first real foray into the game after 3.3 went live. Enough of my mods were borked on Tuesday that I didn’t do anything other than one “random dungeon” run (ended up being ToC) with a bunch of guildies. I intended to go as my off-spec (Arms) but for some reason my menu-bar descided to go away, and I couldn’t swap specs, so I just put my DPS gear on, swapped stances, and tried to inflict as much pain as I could. We made it through, though my contribution was relatively minimal. I did end up getting the Edge of Ruin though, so now I need to contemplate going fury, as I have Marrowstrike as well. Might be amusing…

So anyway, my thoughts on what I’ve experienced of the 3.3 fun so far? I’ll break it down a bit by category.

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Something New (for me at least)

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As I’m sitting here quite possibly on the eve of a major content patch it’s in many ways a time for reflection. I find myself in a different place than I’ve ever been before with a major patch or expansion being released. I’ve now got 2 characters at the level cap. I’ve effectively (and happily) switched “main” characters, and I’m filling a different role now. I’m in a new guild (been there about 2 months I guess), and my wife is rapidly approaching lvl 80 with her toon as well. Things are just different this time around, that’s the only way I can explain it. Add to that I’m in a different place progression-wise than I’ve ever been before as well.

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Raiding 101: Joining a Raid doesn’t make you a Raider

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Welcome to the second installment of this series. In the first post, I discussed what I feel the role of the Raid Leader is, and why you need one. This post will focus more on what you need to look to bring to the table as a player in a raid.

Joining a raid does not a raider make.

Look, I can wire things in my house, I’m not an electrician. I can usually fix a dripping faucet, or a running toilet, but I’m not a plumber. Just because you can (and sometimes do) do something, doesn’t mean that it defines you. This is both a good and a bad thing really, but that’s an enormous discussion that could better be handled by others. Let’s focus on our specific little corner of (cyber) reality, shall we? Continue reading

PvP, that’s Prot-vP to me

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Those letters used to strike fear in my mind, especially as I was a leveling hunter, and even a bit as a leveling warrior, thought with the warrior I more or less just didn’t PvP as I leveled. Perhaps some of that had to do with me viewing leveling as a means to an end,and not terribly being concerned if I had gear that was more than adequate for the PvE content I was working at the time. Perhaps some of it had to do with my old computer set-up being just barely adequate to run the game, and was simply unable to really keep up if I was being jacked by some rogue intent on doing the ‘circle o’ stabs’, or anyone else for that matter.

Has it changed? Somewhat I guess, I don’t think PvP has really changed allot (I’m sure hard-core PvPers will disagree), but I have. I’ve leveled a tank, and done some melee DPSing as well. My computer now sports a graphics card, instead of the onboard I used to use. Both my hunter, and my warrior are geared out quite well (both in the 43-4500 range in GearScore fwiw). And I understand the game better as well. Mind you I’ve never done Arena PvP, only battlegrounds. I know that arena is different, but at some point I would like to give arena a go.

As a raiding hunter, all I had to focus on was simply to deal damage, and stay out of bad stuff. Not really a terribly tough job, but not all that easy either. Basically, watch your cool-downs, watch your feet, stay in range of the bad guy. I had started to re-gain an interest in PvPing at some point with the hunter, and I’ve started to collect some gear on him to that end, mostly just the drops from VoA, but still, it’s PvP gear. I never really got to the point where I set up a spec for it though. My hunter is dual-spec, but he actually has a Survival raiding spec, and a Marksmanship raiding spec, both of which have talents skipped which would be very useful in PvP settings.

So why the sudden interest in PvPing with my tank?

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Don’t make me!

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I play Alliance, or at least mostly, I do have a few Hoarde alts strewn around various servers, but I don’t think any of them (with the exception of a DK at 60) are above level 17 or so. I have 2 Alliance toons at 80, along with another DK at 60, and a couple alts in the 20-30ish range. My wife also plays Alliance, and has one toon at 74, and another at 43. On my primary server I have some well established friends, at least one of which goes back to an old college D&D buddy who I’ve now known for something like 15 years. You could say I have some pretty deep roots, and I’d be reluctant to pull them for much off anything.

But then I stumbled across something this morning. Something that struck a real nerve, something that just might make me re-think my position.

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The things we don’t realize we know.

Posted in General with tags , on November 23, 2009 by Wiredude

It’s been said that ignorance is bliss, and sometimes I really do thing that’s the case. I’ve watched my wife play WoW, and it’s really been sort of eye-opening. She just happily runs along, occasionally off a cliff, or sometimes directly into a pack of mobs that all but insta-kill her toon. And she really doesn’t care. Now, as she’s in Northrend, and repair bills are a little bit more, she’s somewhat more cautious, but still, much more carefree than I have ever played. She just has a good time, and if she dies, Oh well. She’s not terribly concerned if she’s doing the most effective DPS rotation she can, or anything like that, if the bad guys are dying fast enough that they don’t kill her and her pet, she’s quite happy. She doesn’t worry about all the little details, or anything like that, she just goes out and has fun. And it’s not as if she stays at stuff easily within her level. She quite often tries to solo things that are a bit higher than she probably should attempt, and honestly, has a pretty good success rate, or at least she usually won’t give up until she’s succeeded. For lack of a better way to say it, it’s often just refreshing and enjoyable to watch the semi-care-free way she plays, instead of the more analytical approach I’m much more used to playing with.

* I should mention that we currently only have one computer in my house, so I cannot actually help my wife run content with one of my toons, I can only sit and watch, and give advice.*

However, with her coming over into Northrend now, she’s finally into the level range where she can really begin doing group runs, as she’s no longer in the mostly abandoned areas of the old world, or Outlands. And all I have to say is “Wow!”

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