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Why can’t I play a **** ****?

Posted in General with tags , on December 23, 2009 by Wiredude

I’ve been feeling the urge to dabble with another toon. Call it a short attention span, or whatever you wish. Not that I’m in any way bored or otherwise dis-interested in my warrior, I just want something else to fiddle with. This of course leads to the inevitable pondering of what it is I want to play for this “fiddling toon”.

What I already have.

I already have a fully leveled and raid-level-geared Night Elf Hunter. I also have my Dwarf Warrior, who’s actually more well-geared than my hunter. I have a lvl 33 Draenai Pally (some version of a ret-ish spec), a lvl 22 Gnome Rogue, a lvl 16 Night Elf Druid, and a lvl 60 Night Elf Death Knight, oh, yeah, there’s also my lvl 2 Draenai Mage, but he’s just a banker/auction-monkey. That’s on my ‘main’ server, Whisperwind.

I also have a few Hoarde toons spread between Nazgrel and Thunderhorn.  I have friends that play Hoarde on both servers, and so I have a few toons on either, nothing out of the ‘teens, with the exception of a DK on Nazgrel who’s lvl 60.

So basically, I already have a ranged DPSer, and a tank/melee DPSer, thought I’m very much considering going with a second prot spec on the warrior, as I basically never use the DPS spec, or I might set up a spec specifically for PvP.

This leaves one notable role I don’t have a toon to fill. I have no healer. I also technically have no caster DPS, but I do have a ranged DPS, so close enough for my tastes, at least for now. Continue reading


Something New (for me at least)

Posted in General with tags , , , on December 7, 2009 by Wiredude

As I’m sitting here quite possibly on the eve of a major content patch it’s in many ways a time for reflection. I find myself in a different place than I’ve ever been before with a major patch or expansion being released. I’ve now got 2 characters at the level cap. I’ve effectively (and happily) switched “main” characters, and I’m filling a different role now. I’m in a new guild (been there about 2 months I guess), and my wife is rapidly approaching lvl 80 with her toon as well. Things are just different this time around, that’s the only way I can explain it. Add to that I’m in a different place progression-wise than I’ve ever been before as well.

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When does “Alt” become “Main”?

Posted in General with tags , , , on November 4, 2009 by Wiredude

At what point does that “alt” become your “main”?

Interesting question I guess, one I find myself in the midst of as I’m typing to a point. Those who know me, or have actually read any amount of my scatter-brained rambling have probably figured out by now that I have 2 primary characters. I’ll actually put up links or something to the Armory at some point, but for now, it’s pretty simple. Both toons are on the Whisperwind (US) server, my hunter is named Galomesh, and my warrior is named Dreymor, if you want to go look them up, knock yourself out, but it’s not terribly relevant to the discussion at hand. I’d like to just sort of explore the logic behind having a “main” and “alts” and where and when one becomes the other, etc. Continue reading

Leveling (Again)

Posted in General with tags , , on September 15, 2009 by Wiredude

I like my main. He’s a hunter, and I like standing in the back and shooting the big bad man. Occasionally I get to do MD pulls, help the add-tank out rounding up mobs, kite stuff, or whatever, but usually, it’s just pew-pew. It’s nice, and I’m happy that my first toon worked that way, because it’s allowed me to learn alot about the other roles of the game. But there have been times when I’ve been frustrated because we (as a guild) needed something other than a DPS, and all I can bring is DPS.

So I decided to start seriously leveling an alt.

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