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And the Loot-gods do Smile

Posted in General with tags , on December 16, 2009 by Wiredude

Sometimes it just works that way you know? You can run something over and over and over, and what you’re looking for never drops.

I have a friend that’s done Ony every week since she was put in, looking for the caster ring. He hasn’t seen it drop yet. I don’t know how many times I ran H-ToC trying to get the tank shoulders out of there (granted I think I only have like a dozen clears there, but still…), and they finally dropped. They dropped the first run after I plunked down a stack of Triumph badges to get an upgrade from the blue ones I had been wearing. Back when I first hit 80 with Drey, I ran reg HoL a number of times, trying to get the +def trinket, never saw it, not once, I still havn’t seen it, but I haven’t run it on reg in a while either. And now I don’t really have a use for it… I don’t know how many kills I have on Sarth between my 2 toons, but I have yet to win that damn 22-slot bag on either of them. Continue reading


PvP, that’s Prot-vP to me

Posted in PvP with tags , , on December 2, 2009 by Wiredude


Those letters used to strike fear in my mind, especially as I was a leveling hunter, and even a bit as a leveling warrior, thought with the warrior I more or less just didn’t PvP as I leveled. Perhaps some of that had to do with me viewing leveling as a means to an end,and not terribly being concerned if I had gear that was more than adequate for the PvE content I was working at the time. Perhaps some of it had to do with my old computer set-up being just barely adequate to run the game, and was simply unable to really keep up if I was being jacked by some rogue intent on doing the ‘circle o’ stabs’, or anyone else for that matter.

Has it changed? Somewhat I guess, I don’t think PvP has really changed allot (I’m sure hard-core PvPers will disagree), but I have. I’ve leveled a tank, and done some melee DPSing as well. My computer now sports a graphics card, instead of the onboard I used to use. Both my hunter, and my warrior are geared out quite well (both in the 43-4500 range in GearScore fwiw). And I understand the game better as well. Mind you I’ve never done Arena PvP, only battlegrounds. I know that arena is different, but at some point I would like to give arena a go.

As a raiding hunter, all I had to focus on was simply to deal damage, and stay out of bad stuff. Not really a terribly tough job, but not all that easy either. Basically, watch your cool-downs, watch your feet, stay in range of the bad guy. I had started to re-gain an interest in PvPing at some point with the hunter, and I’ve started to collect some gear on him to that end, mostly just the drops from VoA, but still, it’s PvP gear. I never really got to the point where I set up a spec for it though. My hunter is dual-spec, but he actually has a Survival raiding spec, and a Marksmanship raiding spec, both of which have talents skipped which would be very useful in PvP settings.

So why the sudden interest in PvPing with my tank?

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When does “Alt” become “Main”?

Posted in General with tags , , , on November 4, 2009 by Wiredude

At what point does that “alt” become your “main”?

Interesting question I guess, one I find myself in the midst of as I’m typing to a point. Those who know me, or have actually read any amount of my scatter-brained rambling have probably figured out by now that I have 2 primary characters. I’ll actually put up links or something to the Armory at some point, but for now, it’s pretty simple. Both toons are on the Whisperwind (US) server, my hunter is named Galomesh, and my warrior is named Dreymor, if you want to go look them up, knock yourself out, but it’s not terribly relevant to the discussion at hand. I’d like to just sort of explore the logic behind having a “main” and “alts” and where and when one becomes the other, etc. Continue reading

Bringing a gun to a knife fight.

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , on October 29, 2009 by Wiredude

I know, that’s not exactly how the line goes, but actually it’s what I meant to say. The other night I filled in on a 10-man Naxx run in-guild. They needed DPS, and I hadn’t had the gold to dual-spec Dreymor (my warrior) yet, so I offered to tag along with my hunter (my warrior just does abysmal damage in prot-spec if he’s not tanking, and they already had tanks). Now, let me say something, I’m a little rusty on the hunter, I simply haven’t played him alot in the last couple weeks. I realized something though. Naxx is easily out-geared. In reality, there’s really only 1 fight in there that doesn’t get a ton easier in there with gear, and that’s Heigan. And that’s only because of the dance. And honestly that’s almost a hardware-check. How well can your computer’s graphics handle all kinds of green gook spraying up? Does it lag? Is your connection less than stellar? Prepare to die!

But what do I mean by bringing a gun to a knife fight? Continue reading

The Learning Curve

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , on August 27, 2009 by Wiredude

I remember leveling through the game the first time up through. I’d get a new ability, spell or whatever, and read the tooltip, think “I can use that for..” or “I’ll never use that…” and proceed to put a button on a bar somewhere, and often completely forget it. I remember learning how to do an instance for the first time, I remember it was Hellfire Ramparts, but honestly I can’t remember who I ran it with, and kinda feeling like a noob, having to be told, ok let this “tank” guy have a second or 2 to get agro… I remember finally hitting lvl 70, and thinking I had the game by the tail, only to learn that it really just started all over again. I remember that first time I got asked to come into Kara, at Maiden, to fill in for someone who had to leave, and making it all the way to Curator, and realizing I had a LONG way to come. I remember my second trip into Kara, thinking “Ok, I know what I’m doing!” and getting to close and accidentally pulling Maiden… I also remember having a batch of guildies that was there to pick up a noob hunter, dust him off, and point him back in the right direction. I remember not at all understanding why rep was important. I remember a friendly chastisement about not having my First Aid leveled (heck I was a hunter, I didn’t ever use bandages solo, if I was taking damage there was a problem). I remember having to run everywhere until I hit lvl 40, not being able to fly until 70, and thinking that 1000g was a TON of money. I remember wondering how the heck am I supposed to double my DPS output or better. Continue reading

Welcome to ThreatMonkey!!!

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on July 27, 2009 by Wiredude

Welcome to ThreatMonkey.  What can you expect to find here?  Well, most of the topics of discussion will deal with World of Warcraft in one form or another.  I don’t intend to get into a ton of hard-core theory-craft, but I’m sure I’ll dabble from time to time.  More commonly I’ll probably attack general play theory, with some occasional focus on raiding, guild life, and PvP.

Who am I?  Most commonly around the net I’m knows as “Wiredude”, which is a nickname I managed to acquire in the 10 years + I’ve spent working in the electrical construction industry.  I’m in my early-mid 30s, happily married , and a (hopefully) functional WoW addict.   My hobbies other than WoW are primarily just hanging out with my wife, tabletop RPGs, and building things.