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PvP, that’s Prot-vP to me

Posted in PvP with tags , , on December 2, 2009 by Wiredude


Those letters used to strike fear in my mind, especially as I was a leveling hunter, and even a bit as a leveling warrior, thought with the warrior I more or less just didn’t PvP as I leveled. Perhaps some of that had to do with me viewing leveling as a means to an end,and not terribly being concerned if I had gear that was more than adequate for the PvE content I was working at the time. Perhaps some of it had to do with my old computer set-up being just barely adequate to run the game, and was simply unable to really keep up if I was being jacked by some rogue intent on doing the ‘circle o’ stabs’, or anyone else for that matter.

Has it changed? Somewhat I guess, I don’t think PvP has really changed allot (I’m sure hard-core PvPers will disagree), but I have. I’ve leveled a tank, and done some melee DPSing as well. My computer now sports a graphics card, instead of the onboard I used to use. Both my hunter, and my warrior are geared out quite well (both in the 43-4500 range in GearScore fwiw). And I understand the game better as well. Mind you I’ve never done Arena PvP, only battlegrounds. I know that arena is different, but at some point I would like to give arena a go.

As a raiding hunter, all I had to focus on was simply to deal damage, and stay out of bad stuff. Not really a terribly tough job, but not all that easy either. Basically, watch your cool-downs, watch your feet, stay in range of the bad guy. I had started to re-gain an interest in PvPing at some point with the hunter, and I’ve started to collect some gear on him to that end, mostly just the drops from VoA, but still, it’s PvP gear. I never really got to the point where I set up a spec for it though. My hunter is dual-spec, but he actually has a Survival raiding spec, and a Marksmanship raiding spec, both of which have talents skipped which would be very useful in PvP settings.

So why the sudden interest in PvPing with my tank?

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