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What a Difference a Run Makes

Posted in General with tags , on September 9, 2009 by Wiredude

I mentioned earlier that I’m working on a prot warrior. I’ve finally made it to Northrend, and I’m starting to try tanking some instances on my own, and the learning curve bites really hard. I’ve been leveling as prot since about 50, and perhaps it’s proof of my demented head, but I actually have been running around soloing in defensive stance. I know my single-target rotation in my sleep, and I’ve been trying to practice a multi-target one as well. Let me warn any of you out there aspiring to become a tank, tankin’ for real if just different.

Now, I can’t say I NEVER tanked before, I did a couple instances in the Outlands, and I did actually run UK when I was like lvl 69 I think, but when I did that I had a lvl 80 feral druid, and a lvl 80 rogue with me, and well, I had no hope of actually holding threat if they didn’t hold back, but then, they didn’t really need to either, they could take the damage. Continue reading